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Nov 17, 2009 6:00am EST
presidential campaign. correspondent richard lui joins us now. and that includes the interview with katie couric. and what does she call her? >>> well, she calls her -- you're talking about katie couric, right? >> yeah. >> there's a loft descriptive words, condescending, biased, badgering. that's some of the ways sarah palin described katie couric. she said she didn't respond well to some of the questions because she was annoyed by couric's constant presence. she described one incidence after she had just finished a campaign rally. >> my friend opens the curtain for me to get backstage and there's the perky one again with the microphone and the cameras rolling and i'm like, dang, give me just a couple of minutes to gather -- with all due respect, yeah. nicely. >> so pretty perky, too. >> well, cbs' news president says -- yeah, that's right. the president of cbs saying the quality of the interview and the questions, they speak for themselves. >> wow. palin also claims in her book that she was basically tricked into doing the interview in the first place. how so? >> well, palin says she was
Nov 16, 2009 10:00am EST
remember when katie couric asked palin what newspaper she likes to read. >> all of them, any of them that have been in front of me over all these years. >> can you name any of them? >> i have a vast variety of sources. >> well, today we learned what palin told oprah about that and it all made for big funews breaking. palin revealed how she really feels about levi johnston, the father of her grandson. but there's also a head spinning contradiction from palin about levi. and tonight, "showbiz tonight" obtained a brand-new interview from levi where he breaks more news about posing nude for "playgir "playgirl." joining me tonight in hollywood, hyla, an entertainment journalijournal i ist from and tanika, an entertainment journalist. palin really opens up to oprah about the katie couric interview that really, when you think about it, became such a defining moment in the presidential campaign from her after it basically made her look well, not that bright. watch this. >> did you think that was a seminole, defining moment for you? >> i did not, and neither did the campaig
Nov 13, 2009 6:00am EST
to see the answer. palin was anything but upbeat when talking about her interview with katie couric during the 2008 presidential race. that's new for you in about 30 minutes. and of course this interview comes as her book is about to be released next week. that's why the conversations. maybe levi johnston, maybe he's not a good conversationalist. >> put him at the kids' table. big deal. let him sit there. he has his child there. >> she seems to be nicer answering about him than we are. hi there. >> what's up, robin? let me show you what's going on. talking about this coastal low. it's the old ida reformed as a coastal storm up the north carolina coast, and you see the clouds wrapping up with that and the rain underneath it. it's been very heavy at times. langley air force base there in virginia over 10 inches of rain in the last 36 hours really coming down. most of the heavy stuff off the atlantic ocean. a breeze coming in, still pushing the waves up there. coastal flood warnings are up there for the areas shaded in bright green. advisories in to long island, nantucket and martha's
Nov 25, 2009 7:30am EST
of new york city bloomberg, and katie. i think the fact that this wednesday before thanksgiving, 8:00 in the morning. we have a full house and a lot of cameras. it's either a testament to the fact that timeliness and the quality of this discussion or they are expecting you to announce decisions this morning. but seriously, we are here today to discuss this is a reform and the 21st century, an issue that could not be more timely to keep our global edge and economies try the nation needs to get education ride. many to improve our failing schools and close the persistent achievement caps and prepare all e all students regardless of the family background with the workplace of the 21st century. that is with these great leaders and our team here at cap led by sandra brown have been striving for. the american recovery and reinvestment act targeted for education reform 4.35 billion in the top funds. 2 million for the teacher incentive on, $250 million in a statewide longitudinal data grants and $3 billion in title one school improvement grants, a total of $8 billion. the race for the top p
Nov 26, 2009 2:00am EST
kati haycock, president of the education trust and she is well worth listening to. kati? [applause] >> thanks. you know, arne and mike have just outlined some very big and very bold, some might say earthshaking changes for education system. i doubt i need to remind most people in this room why the big changes are so important. yes over the past decade we have made some progress in this country and raising achievement of american children especially elementary grades. and yes, the children furthest behind, low-income kids, kids of color, students with disabilities, english-language of learners have made more progress than other kids substantially narrowing the gap between the kids in other young americans. and yes, despite the contention that we don't know how to improve our lowest performing schools and an awful lot of those schools actually have gotten a lot better in recent years proving beyond the shadow of doubt as arne said so clearly were kids can achieve high levels when we teach them at high levels. but the truth of the matter is we have made gains only been measured by an
Nov 21, 2009 2:00am EST
corporations in america move into this space. katie mcginty, counsellor in the clinton white house that when on to become the secretary of the environment of pennsylvania and is currently a partner in a major private equity and venture capital firm. i will turn it over. please welcome this next session. it is all yours. >> >> hello, out there. i now know how it feels to be a chairman. welcome again, everyone. thank you for bringing us here. it is wonderful to see that we have policies to celebrate as well as a few more that we might ask for. nobody out there has a wish list, do you? nope. >> we want to kick off the session by going right at it. we all know that the job is to scale up, but to scale, we have to go granular. how can we get the specific ideas, the specific policies that are going to be the turnkey's to enable us to continue to grow this industry? i think that roger will agree, and not to put out a challenge to the follow-up panels, but we've got the best panel. as you will see, with the insights that our panel will share, let me introduce our panel, briefly. then roger and i wil
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6